About this equipment provider

With almost 100 years of experience in the printing field, Nilpeter succeedes in delivering flexibility, quality and efficiency for all kind of printings, widths, materials and applications.

Solutions of high performance and flexibility are created in order to respond as as possible request of all business-in the end the client having acces to the latest and innovative solutions of labeling and packing.

Printing Flexo equipment


The new and innovative design ,,clean hands” includes CleanInking system and its described as the shortest road of the material as well as the easy-loading of tooling. Using the new control system Nilpeter PowerLink, the printer will achieve the leanest performance in today’s competitive market.


Designed for a wide variety of flexible packaging applications, the fully servo-driven FA-6 ensures optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality.


The FB-3 represents the latest technology integrated into a new ground-up designed platform.

The ergonomic design of the printing units include servo-drivers which allow the automation of all the adjustments needed.

The transport system with double axis allows this equipments to ensure continuously the highest level of printing and in the same time a incomparable performance of the register.


FB 3300 its an flexo modular equipment, very easy to configurate and it includes the screen printing pattern unity and the one to apply ,,hot foil”.

With a maximum speed of 228m/min, FB 3300 its one of the fastest equipments for a narrow printing. This one can be used with servo-drivers and a main axis.

Digital Printing Equipment


The PANORAMA product line consists of the DP-3 digital InkJet unit, flexo units and converting solutions. The configuration of the equipment allows the cover of a line full of particular projects and requests of the customers.

To help the customers, Nilpeter developed the ,,Nilpeter’s safe Customer care setup”. With the help of this program the customer has acces to the online base of solutions for different problems, online support, maintanance program, diagnostic, etc.

Panorama Hybrid represents the perfect binding between the digital and the analog technology.


The PANORAMA line contains 2 elements and those are: the DP-3 digital printing equipment and the complete composed digital DP-3 equipment and also the finishing line.

The DP-3 digital printing equipment its fitted with the productions management program EQUIOS, a program which allows the development of the production, the automation of any repetitive stage at any project aswell as the identification and the making of most Pantone colors.

The easy exploitation assures the printer that the work will be made in the shortest time possible, it wont need a minimum quantity, there will be no generated loses by the machines setup/the setup of the colors, all of these things together with a price per label reduced.

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