Eluvio was founded in 2001 having as main objective supplying cutting equipment for the printing industry. Nowadays, the production I based on using the newest CNC technologies and high quality materials. Having a strong collaboration with producers of self-adhesive materials, constantly testing our products and innovating the production technology, we can satisfy even the most demanding requests of our customers. Out cutting equipment is always adapted to your needs. No matter if we process paper, transparent film, thermos materials, textile or others, based on our experience we are happy to recommend the best solution.

We are constantly working on developing new products in order to obtain smaller costs, better technical characteristics and high performances.

Magnetic dies

Magnetic dies - FXD-P

* FXD-P – magnetic dies with long term durability for cutting paper, thermal paper and other abrasive materials.
. Recommended usage: shelf-adhesive materials such as Vellum, Primecoat, Thermal Top, Thermal Eco, cardboard, metallized paper.

Cutting angle: > 90° or 80°
Standard height: 0,440 / 0,480 mm

Magnetic dies - FXD-F

FXD-F – magnetic dies with long term durability for cutting filmic non-abrasive filmic materials.
Recommended usage: self-adhesive materials such as PE85, PP, PET, Vellum, Primecoat.

Cutting angle: > 80° or 75°
Standard height: 0,440 / 0,480 mm

Magnetic dies - FXD-C

FXD-C – flexible dies adapted to the customers’ individual needs. This gamut includes flexible die-blocks with angles and standard knife height. Recommended usage: Tyvek, Polyester, composite materials, textiles, felt.
Utilizare recomandata: Tyvek, Poliester, materiale compozite, textile, pasla.

Cutting angle: > 120° to 50°
Maximum die-block dimension: 580x780 mm
Blade width: 0,250 to 1,5 mm
Standard kiss cut height: 0,440 mm
Standard cut height: 0,480 mm

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