CARTES - Seria GT 360

Cartes has managed to develop a unique and innovative technology, which allows the operator to obtain the best results both for short and long runs. Besides the fact that GT360 is a robust platform, capable to deliver high quality finishing at any speed, it is also noticed for the following features:

  1. MHPS System – Multi Head Positioning System corrects possible register defects or repeatability on preprinted material.
  2. Energy Saving – it allows the redistribution of energy between the machine’s motors, while it is running. The energy lost during the braking phase is practically reused, this allowing a 30-40% energy saving.
  3. Safety systems - STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop), SBC (Safe Brake Control) and SLS (Safely Limited Speed)
  4. Touch screens for each unit

The machine is fully modular and can be configured according to the customer’s needs. Modularity also allows us to retrofit groups.

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