BOPP laminating film

The BOPP laminating film is a finishing solution used as an embellishment method. As a standard version, the BOPP laminating film comes in gloss or matt finishing, rolls of 250 – 1015 mm width and length of 4000 m. Being Corona treated, the film is suitable for further operations such as screen varnish, hot foil, hot stamping and scratch off ink.

BOPP Special laminating film

Glossy and matte lamination film

Thermal lamination films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. Our films can be used on all types of thermal laminating machines available across the world. We provide thermal lamination films in both BOPP and PET base. Wet lamination films are suitable for conventional wet lamination done with dispersion, solvent-based, UV or special hot-melt adhesives. All lamination films used for wet lamination are pre-treated on both sides for subsequent converting (hot stamping, embossing, UV spot varnishing, etc.)

Soft Touch and Anti-Scratch lamination film

SOFT TOUCH - Bio-oriented Polypropylene Film (BOPP), with extrusion-coated EVA on one side of the film, permitting adhesion to the surface when thermo laminated. The matt side has an excellent SOFT TOUCH effect

ANTI-SCRATCH – is an opaque biaxially oriented polypropylene film coated on one side with a special lacquer whit improved resistance to the scratches. The other side is EVA adhesive for dry lamination. This film is designed for high added value laminations which need an extra protection

Gold and Silver lamination film

GOLD - Pet based extrusion coated, mass pigmented gold metallized film for thermal lamination. One side is EVA coated and the other side is acrylic coated. This film is specially designed for high quality gold appearance and grants excellent adhesion with multiple substrates. Applications: premium cartons, boxes for perfumes, liquor, cosmetics and gift collection.

SILVER - Metallized printable EVA extruded polyester film with metallic appearance and gloss which provides a high degree of visual appeal. One side is EVA coated for excellent adhesion to all kinds of paper substrates.The other side is printable with special formulation for UV offset printing. Applications: posters, maps, book covers, shopping bags, magazines, gift boxes, brochures etc.

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