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Some of Codimag's offset printing products


For short to medium runs

Being the perfect equipment for short and medium runs, VIVA 340 sets itself between a digital press and a rotary press.

It is a completely modular equipment that can be configured according to customer needs. One of the few equipment with intermittent printing that can be delivered with in-line finishing: waterless offset, letterpress, screen printing, hot stamping, emboss, flexo varnishing, cold rolling and stamping.

It is based on Aniflo technology and relies on the same production model as digital, printing roll to roll in CMYK or extended gamut.


For maximum productivity

The VIVA 420 is among the most productive intermittent presses on the market. The VIVA 420 combines the advantages of intermittent technology and reduced set-up times with a wider width, longer print length and speeds to perform on the long runs.

With a width of 420mm, a basic cylinder size of 19 inches, and a maximum speed of 16.500imp/h, the VIVA420is among the most productive intermittent presses. For instance, with a print length close to 325mm (13”), the VIVA420 can reach a production speed of 85m/min, which means more than 2100m2 per hour.

The Viva 420 offers all finishing processes in-line: semi-rotary hot-foil, flat-bed foil and fluted foil, photopolymer embossing, flexo varnish, lamination, screen-printing, die-cutting

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