About this equipment provider

Founded 1987 the company has started designing, producing and supplying equipment for solvent recycling and washing systems.

Safety, Persistence, Ecology and Economy are large scale concepts today and have been aimed from the beginning. This long term vision has allowed obtaining a positive feedback from the market, making the company an unique partner and supplier for many customers worldwide.

IST product range includes the below products.

Auxiliary equipment

IST - Solvent recycling systems

The solvents used in the industry are proved to be a problem for environmental protection, the health of the individuals using it and last but not least the costs of acquisition and their disposal.

Solvent recycling is the solution for all the above mentioned:

  • - It reduces the cost for solvent acquisition
  • - It reduces the cost for eliminating it
  • - It reduces the storage of the hazardous waste
  • - Helps obtaining ISO 14001 certificate

IST - Washing systems

IST washing systems offer the ideal cleaning solution for different component parts in the printing industry.

A large variety of products is available to fulfill any need, both for small and big users, according to their needs.

The washing systems offer a complete solution for optimizing and reducing the washing time of the parts.

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