The company was founded in 1989 with the goal of producing fluorescent and metalized high quality inks.

Once the waterless printing process started developing and in limited acquisition conditions (the only ink source being in Japan), together with various printing houses from Scandinavia, Classic Colours managed to produce a waterless ink that can fulfil even the most strict requirements. In the past couple of years, besides the waterless inks they have extended their portfolio with waterless UV and LED UV inks.


These inks are created to allow printing on various materials for a large gamut of applications. The standard inks can be used on all the offset waterless printing equipment, including the anilox systems, label printing equipment and equipment used for printing CD’s.


Due to the fact that the LED-UV polymerization technology has become more and more attractive from economic reasons, Classic Colours has developed a complete gamut of inks, varnishes and primers for LED-UV systems.


The waterless conventional SAHARA Eco-Dri inks are created for being used on all waterless conventional printing equipment. These inks do not contains mineral oil, but vegetal oils compatible with all the varnishes gamut.

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