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Autobond equipment are high performance and easy to use. They are fast, precise, solid and versatile and allow an enhanced productivity.

Offset Finishing Equipment


Thermal laminating equipment with a production speed of 45 m/min for a maximum 74 cm x 52 cm format and a minimum 32 cm x 22.5 cm format. The minimum thickness of the sheets is 115 gsm and the maximum is 650 gsm.

The takeover of sheets if made with a Heidelberg-Stahl suction drum.

The tensioning of the laminating film is made with a pneumatic clutch. The reel is mounted and fixed on a quick-change inflatable air shaft. The lamination is made by a chrome roller - 150 mm in diameter- which is water heated, and a rubber roller also 150 mm in diameter. Pressure control is made by a pneumatic system.

Delivery into vibrating wheeled jogger table with under-sheet adjustable air control.

The machine is equipped with digital counter, anti-curl bar, feeding rolls pneumatically adjusted, automatic tensioning film system positioned between the laminating part and sheeting part


High speed equipment – 60 m/min, with maximum 74 cm x 52 cm format and minimum 32 cm x 22.5 cm format.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster feed head (H) is driven by a servo motor and has a separate pick up and forwarding suckers to feed the sheets into the laminating rollers. The feeder is fitted with a milled skid plate, allowing a full pallet of print up to 1.2 m high to be loaded. Minimum paper 90 gsm, max paper 650 gsm.

The roll of film is mounted on a quick-change airshaft with film tension controlled by a pneumatic brake.

There are two laminating rollers. A highly polished 150 mm diameter chrome roller and a 150 mm diameter rubber roller. The chrome roller is heated with a sophisticated Swiss made temperature control unit (TCU)

The bump sheeter runs in-line. Sheets are delivered into a vibrating jogger table on wheels.

The machine includes a digital sheet counter, adjustable curl-bar, pneumatically adjustable in-feed nip rollers and pneumatic air clutch for constant tension between the laminator and the sheeter.

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