GRAVITECH s.r.o engraves with laser the so called sleeves used in the printing and technic industry, including the post-sale service these product require. Direct engraving offers the biggest potential amongst the make ready flexographic printing. The laser data burn the surface of the sleeve and offer a few major advantages. It simplifies and accelerates the printing format, while it eliminates the need of double exposure, washing and drying. In the case of the engraved sleeves, we only have the laser exposure and the elimination of possible waste. While the surface of the polymer is perfectly burned, it is a technology with no waste and extremely ecological.

Engraved Sleeves

Direct laser engraving brings major advantages for the environment. While the photo polymeric industry need the daily consumption of a few hundreds of liters of solvent, which need to be handled as dangerous waste material, the laser engraving eliminates this. One of the biggest advantages of laser engraving is high productivity due to the very short set up time.

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