Ovit is a company of Italian origin, focused for many years on the production of graphic art equipment. Among the equipment successfully produced and installed in several countries we mention: photopolymer plate washing machines, automatic and manual ovens, stackers and sleeve storage systems, etc.

Auxiliary equipment

OVIT - Flexomatic

Flexographic plate cleaner

If you need an equipment that can accurately wash flexographic plates, with the lowest chemical consumption, Flexomatic is the right machine.

Being dedicated to cleaning photopolymer clichés after the printing process the equipment is automatic and easy to operate. Robust and compact, it is suitable for cleaning UV inks, solvent based and water based inks.

Available versions: 45 (450 mm), 65 (650 mm), 95 (950 mm) and 120 (1200 mm).

OVIT - Portable sleeve and anilox storage

You can store either sleeves or anilox rollers and the system being portable, you can move it around exactly where you need it.

Storage capacity: 10 sleeves for wide web and 20 sleeves for narrow web.

Available in different sizes with adjustable height.

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