About this equipment provider

Lundberg Tech was founded in 1946 as an independent company and has tried ever since to offer its customers personalized solutions.

Due to the constant development of the granulators and cutters, same as the experience gathered about the vacuum systems, Lundberg Tech is now one of the most important European suppliers of waste management solutions.

They also operate a very efficient service on maintenance, replacement and repairing of critical elements of the waste management systems.

Totay, customers from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and China benefit of over 3500 Lundberg Tech waste management systems.

Granulators & Cutters

Lundberg Tech has developed and produced an extended line of cutters and granulators with a high quality and high efficiency cutting degree. The cutting and granulating system is used in waste management solutions for a large variety of materials such as: paper, cardboard, plastic materials, rubber, textiles, laminates and labels.

They are known for:

  • - Increased air speed through and under the cutting process
  • - High cutting efficiency
  • - Ability to cut very thin materials, down to 5-10 micrometer
  • - Easy adjustability
  • - Long lifetime value: Our granulators can last for more than 25 years
  • - Low maintenance costs
  • - Oil system performing by gravity without compressing air

Central systems

Lundberg Tech Central Systems for vacuum waste handling cover from two to a multiple number of machines in part of or in a complete factory.

Utilizarea sistemului centralizat Lundberg Tech creeaza o serie de avantaje cum ar fi:

  • - Increased machine speed as waste is no limitation
  • - Reduced downtime as waste handling is always ready
  • - No heavy lift by personal for handling of waste material
  • - No dust around the machines as the created dust is conveyed by the vacuum system
  • - Less requirement for space around the machine for containers carrying waste as waste is brought outside the factory area
  • - Reduced volume of waste by cutting and compacting the waste

Waste Tech

Lundberg Tech WasteTech All-in-one vacuum waste handling units are well-known for:

  • - Fully functional waste handling unit capturing, cutting and collecting the waste
  • - Moveable unit
  • - Available with all the different types of cutters and granulators
  • - Available with frequency converter connected to the transport ventilator to increase the air volume.
  • - Available with guillotine valve for continuous operation
  • - Available with height extension to collect the waste in big bags
  • - Remove the dust in the waste handling
  • - Can cover more than one process machine
  • - Can easily be connected to the Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor


The Matrix Cutter 140 equipment is specially designed for matrix type waste and strips resulted after the cutting operations. These wastes are captured directly in the machine and cut in small pieces in a granulator. Afterwards they are transported through the pipe system to a transport ventilator, following to be compacted in the integrated WasteCompactor system. Below the advantages:

  • - There is no speed limitation of the machine
  • - It reduces the wasted handling time
  • - It does not require additional manpower to handle the waste
  • - No dust around the machines as the created dust is conveyed by the vacuum system
  • - Reduced volume of waste by cutting and compacting the waste
  • - Reduces the costs generated by the discharge and recycling of waste

Trim Cutter

The TrimCutter 80 is a simple all-in-one unit for removal of edge trims. The waste trims are captured directly from the process machine and cut into small pieces in a granulator and transported through piping system by a transport ventilator. The air and waste is separated and the waste dropsdown into a sack. 

TrimCutter Advantages:

  • - Moveable unit
  • - Easy adjustability
  • - Low maintenance costs


The WasteCompactor is collecting and compacting the waste for an easy disposal or recycling. The WasteCompactor can be connected to your WasteTech or similar and it provides the flexibility to compact a wide range of different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, laminates, tapes and labels.

The Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor provides you a number of benefits:

  • - Reduce the volume of the waste material to less than 20% of the original size.
  • - Easy to connect to WasteTech and central systems.
  • - Easy handling of the compacted waste
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