Toyo Ink Europe is a branch of TOYO INK GROUP – the world biggest 3rd ink and varnishes producer. TOYO INK EUROPE is based in Belgium and it is also known as being one of the most innovative ink and varnishes producer.

Due to the latest generation equipment for production and research, TOYO INK EUROPE has managed to obtain an enviable position among the inks and varnishes producers.

Following the growing request for food packaging, Toyo was actively involved in research and has become one of the leaders in the market, offering complete solution for food packaging. This solution contains a large variety of LOW MIGRATION UV and EB inks and varnishes, which totally respect the “SWISS ORDINANCE” rules.


• STERASPEED - is specially developed for paper, board and some coated films. It can be used for offset sheet and roll2roll printing, having an amazing lithographic behavior and being suitable for high speed printing.

• EXCURE 20000 – is suitable for a great adhesion on Corona treated plastic materials.


• EXCURE 20000M – it stands out for its good adhesion on any Corona treated plastic material, low odor and low migration properties, being recommended for printing food packaging, but not the ones that have direct food contact.


• EXCURE 20000EB - has a good adhesion on Corona treated plastic materials and it is dedicated to printing food packaging.

• EXCURE 30000EB - stands out for low odor, being suitable for printing the external face of food packages.

• EXCURE90000EB – the EXCURE EB varnishes do not contain photo initiators, have low odor and very reduced migration properties.

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