Rotometal designes and produces tools for printing and labelling industry. With over 40 employees and the newest CNC Park, it guarantees the highest precision and quality for its products. Rotometal produces magnetic cylinders, printing cylinders, anvil cylinders, die cutting cylinders and die cutting units.

Printing cylinders and magnetic cylinders

Printing cylinders

The printing cylinders are produced using special aluminum and steel based alloys. In order to reduce their weight, the section is tubular.


All cylinders are delivered with standard high precision geared wheels, but it can be delivered with hardened geared wheels, if the customer requires. The surface is protected through anodization.

Magnetic cylinders

The magnetic cylinders are designed and produced very precise. They are robust, produced of stainless steel, and offer very good working conditions.

  • Diameter up to 360 mm

  • Total length up to 2000 mm

  • Total weight up up to 300 kg

  • Magnetic cylinder can also be repaired.

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