Water Energy


Water Energy’s mission is to be producing equipment for all the graphic arts industry companies whose activity implies residual water generation.

Water Energy offers solutions which can bring significant advantages by reducing the recycling costs and also by offering the possibility to reuse them.

Auxiliary equipment

Water Energy - Chemical Physical Plants

The chemical physical treating systems, of the series are designed and developed to treat wastewater containing non-biodegradable dissolved pollutants such as: inert mineral substances, organic substances, mineral oils, heavy metals, detergents and solvents; paint or debris in suspension. Through a sequence of treatment stages, our SEDFLOC chemical physical plants make all chemical transformations affecting the pollutants dissolved in the wastewater, necessary to obtain a disposable dense sludge which can be transferred by shovel.

Water Energy - Demineralization plants

For water softening.

Demineralisation is a chemical-physical treatment process of water intended for the elimination, in whole or in part, of dissolved salts. It can be achieved in two different ways: either by using ion exchange resins or by reverse osmosis.

Water Energy reverse osmosis systems, of the series WO, are based on the phenomenon that occurs when to the surface of a semi-permeable membrane, which separates two solutions with different concentration, is applied a pressure difference versus and higher than osmotic pressure, so that the solvent flow occurs from the more concentrated to the more diluted solution. Reverse osmosis is one of the technologies used to desalinate sea water.

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