About this supplier

GEW (EC) Limited designs and manufactures Arc and UV LED curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications. The company is the leading manufacturer of UV systems for label and narrow web printing and is experiencing a growing global presence in sheetfed and web offset for commercial printing and packaging. GEW’s UV systems are available for all new machinery, and can be retrofitted to any active press, allowing printers to breathe new life into older printing equipment. GEW has a world-class production facility at its UK headquarters, subsidiaries in the USA & Germany, and an extensive list of worldwide distributors.

GEW specialises in the design and installation of UV LED systems, having introduced its latest UV LED product, AeroLED, in early 2022. Representing the next generation for UV LED curing, AeroLED eliminates the need for a chiller by air-cooling from a single remote fan to bring UV LED within affordable reach for all. LeoLED, released in 2019, is GEW’s water-cooled solution, delivering maximum power and UV dose for more demanding applications. AeroLED and LeoLED are both compatible with GEW’s renowned ArcLED hybrid system.

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