Ecograph AG has developed the unique "Cross Grinding Technology". This technology allows the production of the edges of the slats and the edges with the best surface finish.

Thanks to the “Cross Grinding Technology” the surface of the Dr Blade is smooth and finless. This technology is silver like and eliminates any remains from the metallic manufacturing, resulting in a Dr Blade which offers a high quality print and a long shelf life.

Flexo seals for chamber Dr. Blades

Flexo seals are an essential component for the effective and efficient functioning of the chambers Dr. Blade. Euro Top Grafix offers a large gamut of high performance flexo seals for all flexographic machine types and OEM Dr. Blades chambers. Our seals are tailor made, cut from high quality materials and are designed to offer remarkable performances.

The advantages of a correct seal of the chamber Dr. Blades

- It reduced the pressure in the chamber
- Less changes of the Dr. Blade and the seal which means higher productivity
- No ink leaks, less time spent cleaning the machine and less ink waste

A correct seal of the chamber Dr. Blades means:

- Avoiding high pressure applied on the chamber
- It extends the shelf life of the anilox roller/sleeve
- It extends the shelf life of the Dr. Blades

Our seals are specially manufactured to fit Dr.Blades perfectly without the need for high pressure.

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