With over 4000 employees and a presence in over 50 countries, MacDermid Performance Solutions has made a tradition in creating technological advantages for its customers, advantages that lead to improvement in the production process and in the same time reduce the production costs. Since the company was started and until now, companies from different domains such as electronics, graphic arts, oil extraction, use as an advantage MacDermid innovations and rely on its support for immediate success.

MacDermid products are used for printing paper cups, aluminum cans, labels for packaging boxes, envelopes and newspapers. MacDermid photopolymer plates and newspaper plates represent an exceptional solution which provides a high quality graphic design for all types of packaging and newspapers printing.

When it comes to high quality graphic solution you can rely on the company that always innovates thinking of its customers.


MacDermid LUX technology offers the opportunity of printing better than ever. LUX is an innovative technology, developed exclusively by MacDermid. This allows flexo printing houses to improve the quality of the print, offering in the same time an efficient print and waste reduction. LUX technology produces a digital plate with a unique geometry of the dot, offering a 1:1 reproduction rate in the plate exposure process. The compensation curve of the digital plate is practically eliminated. There are two products in this family:

LUX In-the-Plate

- LUX ITP is a new game changing technology. MacDermid offers the advantage of obtaining the flat top dot without additional processesing of the plate.

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Lux Lamination

- This process easily works with digital standard MacDermid plates and can be used with all available CTP systems. It does not require modifications done to the existing equipment.

Lava Thermal Processing

MacDermid LAVA – “Ready to use plates

Rapid and easy to use, th thermal MacDermid LAVA processor is optimized for plates of minimum 63.5 x 76.2 cm and maximum 106.68 cm x 152.4 cm. LAVA has easily become one of the most popular system and software, being a plug and play solution type for any production flow.

Lava 2340

Lava 4260

Lava 5080


The analog photopolymer plate solution from MacDermid is available for any application in the flexographic area and for any plate processing system. Starting with the flexible film and up to cardboard, MacDermic offers suitable products for all needs.


“Most valuable Plate” is suitable for all printing needs. Medium hardness plate, it leads to obtaining a quality print and high productivity. The ink transfer is improved, leading to extremely even full colour and clean process printing.


  • MGC – is the latest entry in the corrugated board market, bringing a competitive product, capable of reproducing remarkable images with a significant reduction of the processing time. The MGC plate is capable of reproducing 100lpi images with back-masking elimination and perfect definition of fine lines.

The processing time is 30 to 45 minuntes smaller than the competition plates.


  • EPIC – was designed to fulfil high resolution requests in large format process colours. The patented technology “cap technology” of EPIC plates, allows the printer to obtain high density spot colors, printing in the same time process colours with fine details. The exceptional exposure time also helps the plate processing time to be easily done, eliminating masking.


  • MAX - is the newest, with the best performance, hard analog plate. It works with excellent results on different types of substrate and different inks. A 60sh hardness plate is suitable also for narrow web application. Max is a plate with extremely low tack which allows the performance of a long and clean run.


Take advantage of an improved work flow and better quality using thr MacDermid digital plates.


  • MAF - a digital plate specially designed for fulfilling the corrugated board market’s needs. MAF has a dot geometry optimized for printing corrugated board, leading to reducing the fluting without using special techniques or additional exposures in the plate processing. Digital MAF prints fine, right from the box.


MWW – designed for the optimization of laying the opaque white, offering high opacity/mottling reducing/improvement of overprinting quality. Digital MWW can be combined with the LUX process from MacDermid together with an advanced specific prepress screening, all these leading to important changes in printing with opaque white.


LUX ITP – is the newest exclusive game changing MacDermid technology, which offers the flat top dot advantage without further plate processing.


UVR - the newest plate with high resistance to UV inks, designed to work with UV inks without swelling up. By its nature, UV inks can affect the photopolymer more than solvent or water based inks. UVR has the property of swelling a lot less, which leads to a bigger shelf life and a more stable printing process.


MCH – MaxDermid extends the capped plate gamu with a 60sh digital plates for printing houses that need top resolution for printing process colours. Digital MCH offers an unique rough surface which allows an excellent ink transfer, creating fine details.


MVP – the digital version of analog MVO, comes with the same advantages plus a fine resolution and image reproduction. MVP lets you choose if you process it with solvent or thermal with the LAVA processor. It works well with a large variety of inks and substrates.


MAX – the newest digital MacDermid plate, built to offer the MAXimum choice, including the option of being processed with solvent or thermal with the LAVA processor. It is the digital version of the analog MAX and besides its benefits it also offers a fine resolution.

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