In the past few years the interest towards label ennoblement for premium products (wines, beauty products, etc) is stronger and stronger. But what does exactly ennoblement mean? The suitable technical term would be finishing.

When we talk about flexo finishing we talk about operations such as emboss, deboss, hot stamping and cold foil, spot screen varnishing with normal, braille or sand feel varnishes and die cutting (semi rotary, flatbed or laser).


Some of Cartes's flexo finishing products

CARTES Seria GT 360

GT Series Cartes has managed to develop a unique and innovative technology, which allows the operator to obtain the best results both for short and long runs. Besides the fact that GT360 is a robust platform, capable to deliver high quality finishing at any speed, it is also noticed for the following features:

  1. MHPS System – Multi Head Positioning System corrects possible register defects or repeatability on preprinted material.
  2. 2. Energy Saving – it allows the redistribution of energy between the machine’s motors, while it is running. The energy lost during the braking phase is practically reused, this allowing a 30-40% energy saving.
  3. Safety systems - STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop), SBC (Safe Brake Control) and SLS (Safely Limited Speed)
  4. Touch screens for each unit

The machine is fully modular and can be configured according to the customer’s needs. Modularity also allows us to retrofit groups.

CARTES Seria Gemini

GEMINI Series  represents the new frontier in digital finishing. It is versatile, performant, developed for minimum material loss during set up, having the possibility to save all the parameters of a job with a minimum energy consumption.

Specialized in laser technology, Cartes present the ILC (Invisible Laser Cutting) which cuts the labels on the back to avoid white marks.


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Some of DCM's flexo finishing products


Flexo printing machine with sheet feeding.

IM2 is a compact, sheet-fed flexo printing equipment that can be used to print corrugated cardboard, cardboard and various paper sizes in one or two colors. With the help of this equipment it can be used to varnish or apply various types of adhesive on materials compatible with these products.

Tehnical Specifications

  • - Maximum sheet size: 760 mm x 1800 mm
  • - Maximum printing format: 670 mm x 800 mm
  • - Maximum thickness: 10 mm
  • - Rubber of photopolymer stereos of thickness 1 mm to 6 mm
  • - Production rate: 1800 to 3200 sheets/hour



  • - Flexo printing on thick materials.


  • - Corrugated board, board or paper (bags); specific film bags


Flexo printing machine for carrier bags

This flexo printing machine is very practical for printing small or medium-sized runs of paper or plastic bags in one to three colours in register using a conveyor. Upon exit from the printing section, the bags are ejected onto a rotating platform for drying.

Tehnical Specifications

  • - Maximum bag size for 1 print / rotation: 52.5 mm x 60 cm
  • - Maximum bag size for 1 print / 2 rotations: 52.5 mm x 60 cm
  • - Maximum handle thickness: 15 mm
  • - Maximum handle height: 12 cm
  • - Rubber or photopolymer stereos of thickness 3 mm
  • - Printing rate: 1600 to 2400 bags/hour



  • - Flexo printing unit for small jobs
  • - Flexo printing unit for small and medium size carrier bags


  • - Corrugated board, board or paper (bags); specific film bags

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