ORAFOL Europe GmbH is one of the most important producers of adhesive tapes for the printing industry. All “ORAFOL” products are produced by using the newest technology and the research and development department in Germany is continuously working on meeting the market’s needs.

ORAFLEX is today one of the most important brands on the flexographic mounting tapes market. Their gamut includes “cushion” and “solid” tapes, with different thickness and hardness, allowing the flexographic printing to be made at high quality standards.

With the “cushion” ORAFLEX tapes you ensure a high quality printing process. The tapes are available in two thicknesses and three hardness versions, designed to offer a good tolerance to pressure adjustments, so that the best print can be rapidly set. There are two adhesion option for these tapes, standard and high performance (HP+). The “cushion” tapes protect the clichés from distortion factors, offering an excellent printing result. It also avoid problems such as lines caused by the printing machine’s vibrations when working at high speed.

The “solid” ORAFLEX tapes are a gamut of hard adhesive tapes designed for mounting the photopolymer clichés or rubber plates on compressible sleeves, printing cylinders or mounting film for flexographic, letterpress and label printing. “Solid” ORAFLEX tapes are designed with different adhesion types meant to ensure a better security of the clichés, allowing the hand-reset and unmounting of the tape without causing distortions. The adhesives are designed to allow clean and residue free removal from the sleeves and printing cylinders once the job is done.

Oraflex - double-sided adhesive tape

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